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Forex trading without capital is something that traders really hope for, especially for beginners who are just getting to know the world of forex trading . FBS as a professional broker who has a lot of experience in the world of forex trading services , really understands the hopes and desires of traders, both beginner traders and professional traders. So FBS always strives to provide the best service for its clients in order to provide comfort and convenience for traders who have joined FBS.

There are lots of trading service facilities and bonuses that are part of the FBS program from time to time given to its clients, including the program currently launched by FBS for its clients, namely the no-deposit capital bonus in the FBS 100 USD Bonus program for free or free and Withdrawal can be 100% along with the profit it gets.

The steps to get the FBS 100 USD Bonus without a deposit, the first is for those who have not joined FBS then please register yourself first by filling in your name and email fields on the main page of the FBS website and then clicking the open account button .

After entering the FBS account dashboard page, please verify your account by uploading a personal data document by clicking the button on the Menu page > Verification > Fill in the personal data column according to the applicable personal data document > Upload a photo of the personal data document as instructed by FBS, after your account is verified, please click the Promotion and Bonus button > Trade 100 Bonus, if all the instructions above have been carried out then the process to get the 100 USD FBS Bonus has been completed and you can trade with 100 USD capital without a deposit for free from FBS.

However, the FBS 100 USD Bonus (No Deposit Bonus) program has terms and conditions listed on the FBS member area page, namely:

The bonus is available in the MetaTrader5 trading terminal;
In MetaTrader your account is displayed like a Demo until you meet the terms and conditions of the Trade 100 Bonus;
Minimum/maximum order is 0.01 lot;
The available leverage for the bonus account is 1:100;
The profit that can be withdrawn is $100. Please note, you can withdraw profit only once;
The maximum number of open positions at the same time is 5;
Terms and conditions that must be met to withdraw profit:
The number of active trading days required is 30 (active trading days are the days when orders are opened and then closed);
Positive pip difference (the number of pips from a profit order must be greater than the number of pips from a losing order);
The client must have at least 5 lots traded for 30 active trading days;
All bonus terms and conditions must be met within 50 days to withdraw profit;
After all conditions are met and profit is earned, you can manually transfer it to your trading account. The bonus will expire five days after the moment of its activation, all transactions and bonus accounts will be closed. If all conditions are met, your $100 profit will be automatically transferred to your trading account.
Only orders with a difference of 10 pips (100 points) from the opening and closing prices are eligible.
Example: When you buy EURUSD at 1.13234 and close the order at 1.13480. Then the difference between the order’s opening and closing price is 0.00246 = 246 pips. When you buy EURJPY at the price of 110.657 and close the order at the price of 110,757. Then the difference between the order’s opening and closing price is 10 points (100 pips);
Only trading on major Forex currency pairs is allowed;
In MetaTrader your account is displayed like a Demo until you meet the terms and conditions of the Trade 100 Bonus;
The following options are prohibited: locking/hedging, expert advisor (EA), ladder strategy (not to open a new order in the same direction within one hour after closing of the previous order);
Each client/computer/IP can only open one “Trade 100 Bonus” account. You are prohibited from using proxies or IP modification software. You also cannot open a second Trade 100 Bonus account even if the bonus balance has been withdrawn;
The company is not responsible for technical problems and/or other interruptions that occur in the internet connection of the client and internet services provided by third parties to the client which may directly or indirectly affect the client’s participation in the promotion;
The company reserves the right to change the terms and conditions of the promotion;
The Company reserves the right to ask the client to log into the trading account from an alternative device if additional verification is required;
The Company reserves the right to request a verified Personal Area from the client. If the client refuses to verify his Personal Area, the Company reserves the right to refuse the request for withdrawal of funds or profit;
FBS reserves the right to refuse to give bonuses to clients without giving reasons or without prior notice;
If the company suspects fraud in the bonus account, the company reserves the right to deduct all bonus amounts and profits that have been generated from the bonus account without notice. In this case, the decision will be made outside of the applicable terms and conditions.

Make the best use of this 100 USD FBS Bonus program in order to get the maximum profit and use it to practice your trading skills sharpness by achieving consistent profits.

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