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In the modern era like today, where the world of technology is increasingly advanced, online forex traders are no longer only from certain circles. Anyone, nowadays can become a forex trader even with mediocre capital. In fact, some forex brokers also provide free capital bonuses without the slightest deposit. Therefore, today’s forex traders can come from various circles.
The government is the party that has the most influence in the world of forex trading . The government’s very large budget, whose management includes state expenditures between countries across continents, contributes greatly to influencing price movements in the forex market .

As a representative and extension of the government, the central bank has the authority and policy to always act to maintain economic sovereignty in the financial sector in their respective countries. With a very big responsibility, namely printing money and withdrawing money as well as conducting buying and selling foreign currency transactions between countries. Judging from that main task, the central bank also has a big impact on every price movement that occurs in the forex market.

Bank Indonesia is Indonesia’s central bank. However, this bank does not have a major impact on currency price movements in the forex market, because the rupiah currency is not the priority currency traded in the forex market.

Central banks that have a big influence in the forex market are usually central banks that manage and have policies on major currencies such as the Bank of England (BoE, British central bank), Federal Reserve (The Fed, United States central bank), European Central Bank (ECB, central bank of the European Union), Bank of Japan (BoJ, central bank of Japan), Swiss National Bank (SNB, central bank of Switzerland), Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA, central bank of Australia), Reserve Bank of New Zealand ( RBNZ, New Zealand’s central bank), the Bank of Canada (BoC, Canada’s central bank) and the People’s Bank of China (PBOC, China’s central bank).

Banks and financial institutions are the closest parties to currency contact, so banks and financial institutions are the most active forex traders in the forex market. Every day they serve their customers’ financial transactions, both offline and online.

Banks are participants who are direct actors in the world of currency trading, so that banks have dominance over the interbank financial market (Interbank Market) which also influences price movements in the forex market, as we see on trading platforms on our computers.
There are 10 banks in the world that are major players in the forex industry, namely:

Deutsche Bank
BofA Merrill Lynch
Goldman Sachs
JPMorgan Chase
Morgan Stanley
The participation of multinational companies in the forex market is also one of the forex traders, it is because of their need for foreign currencies to meet their trading needs in different countries. Because financial transactions between multinational companies are also through intermediaries between banks, both local and international, these activities automatically influence price movements in the forex market.

A speculator is a company engaged in finance or an individual who has the financial capacity of a very large amount invested in the forex market. Their goal is to develop the funds they have through the forex market, by trying to take as much profit as possible and as quickly as possible through forex trading transactions, these speculators are commonly referred to as big players. One of the brightest forex trading speculators in forex historyis George Soros, where he once speculated on the decline in the price of the British Pound and managed to make a profit of up to 1.2 billion dollars in less than a month. Thus, George Soros was severely criticized that these people should also be responsible for the financial crisis that occurred in the Asian region at the end of the 90s.

Forex brokers are institutional companies, agents, or individuals that are established with official legality acting as a liaison to bring together sellers and buyers and to continue and regulate trading volumes on a small or retail scale to financial institutions on a large scale. Brokers have a big role for traders to be able to trade without having to have large capital, even now there are many brokers who provide very low deposit facilities so that their clients can trade on real accounts for only $1.
Retail forex traders are individual traders who do not have large capital up to millions of dollars, but they try to take their profits in the forex market. The number of retail forex traders currently has a very large number, they come from various countries around the world and carry out forex trading transactions through the intermediary of forex brokers.

Along with the rapid development of technology, today’s forex trading has attracted the attention of everyone from various circles. These retail forex traders come from various circles and professions, even today these retail traders are carried out by people who have almost never studied economics, only self-taught either offline or through online media.


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